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RESTART November 10th Eternal Vengeance Awaits... Game Download
STORY Now another new story unfolds.

The old world is no more. We are witnessing the new beginning after a disaster that has to unfold its own way.
There is someone or something lurking in the dark.

  • Community

    Satisfaction with credit payment activities
    through stable community solutions

  • Guild alliances

    A system that allow guilds to build a community
    among them to provide support in battle.

  • System

    Exciting battle system with dynamic actions

  • Knight HUMAN The sword roars in blazing anger.

    Ours is a race of strength and nobility.
    We are the standard of kindness and power.
    We stand among our comrades stoic and prideful.
    Even in the face of betrayal and struggle, we will always stand up and move forward.

  • Healer ELF The magic will protect us

    “Mother Marea, grant us the powers to heal our paths” is a common pray from our origins.
    But do not be mistaken, we are not weak people praying her Goddess for help.
    We were born of magic, and we use this power not only to assist our friends in battle,
    but to battle side-by-side. We are as necessary as water for life.

  • Archer HALF ELF Arrows leaving the protest
    do not miss the target.

    Half Elves, who had to live in the forest,
    naturally came to use the bow, a convenient weapon for hunting.
    They are the best long-range attackers on the continent with the strength and stamina inherited as humans,
    the light body inherited from the elves and the sensitive senses in one body.

  • Assassin DHAN Don't be relieved
    that you can't see it!

    Exiled and broken, we were casted away from our rightful home.
    But we are always watching... We are the shadow behind the eye,
    the hidden knife in the darkest corner.
    Be wary of the shadows,
    for we lurk and wait patiently, for the perfect moment to strike.

  • Dragon Fighter DEKAN Strong and together, we stand

    Our father, betrayed by its “brothers”.
    We are the prideful lineage that was born of blood.
    We seek the grounds for our chance to avenge our fallen father and god.
    We will persevere and, in time, we will stand atop of the bodies of the betrayers.

  • Mage DARK ELF I will take off your pretense mask

    We know all your secrets, all the plots that you wish no one else knew…
    But fear not, we know how to keep a secret.
    We are born of magic, wielding it as an extension of ourselves.
    But our god taught us the proper way to use it.
    Come here, let me tell you a secret...

  • Warrior GIANT Nothing is impossible in my entire life.

    We are born in hardship, embrace it since childhood and strife as adults.
    We are natural-born warriors.
    We can endure anything.
    We care not for your worth in money or heritage.
    Stand next to me in battle and honor your people with victory in battle. That is the “Way of the Giant”.

Dungeon Ashkeena

The sister of Ashkeena, Ashhart,
needs our help fighting the evil influence of her sister.
get stronger and go through her “Trial of Doom” and come out of it stronger,
powerful and mightier!